Monday, December 27, 2010

Stephen Dorff Confirms Blade Prequel, But Not Much Progress Yet

Last summer, we reported on a rumor that actor Stephen Dorff, next seen in Sofia Coppola's Somewhere, would star in a prequel spin-off to Marvel's Blade that would be about Dorff's vampire villain Deacon Frost. It was set to be a new trilogy created by filmmaker Stephen Norrington, who directed the first Blade movie but has been struggling to get anything into production recently, including The Crow reboot (which he's no longer attached to). Anyway, we've posted updates here and there, but finally have a new quote from Dorff himself. He does shed some light on the new prequel, but it doesn't sound like it's further along than before.

The new quote comes from a blog actually called Dark Lord Bunnykins (via Cinema Blend) which, believe it or not, supposedly got following quote directly from Dorff (most likely doing interviews for Somewhere). I thought the quote was informative and lengthy enough ...

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