Monday, December 20, 2010

Legendary 'Pink Panther' Creator Blake Edwards Has Died at 88

Though people may not be a fan of the recent film adaptations of The Pink Panther featuring Steve Martin as bumbling French detective Inspector Clouseau, those films are merely the tip of a much more impressive iceberg in the history of comedy on film. Therefore, it is sad to hear Variety's report that Blake Edwards, the creator and writer/director of many films in the iconic film series, has passed away at age 88. Along with crafting no less than six films with Peter Sellers as the infamous Inspector Clouseau, the writer/director has left his mark on cinema with various other projects and even more late, great talents from decades past.

In addition to working with Sellers, the late director also found himself in the company of Dudley Moore for the mid-life crisis comedy 10, which actually turned out to be his most successful film at the box office. Edwards also worked ...

script comedy drama action movies

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