Saturday, November 27, 2010

Trailer Tuesdays!

RYAN: Talk about a slow week at the movies! The only trailer we have to talk about is Saw 3D. CAROLINE: That's what happens during Halloween week. I would have thought at least one other movie would be coming out, but other than stuff in limited release, there's nada.RYAN: Originally Saw 3D was supposed to come out last weekend against Paranormal Activity 2, but someone wisely pushed it back a week so it wouldn't have to compete. Which was a smart move since PA2 killed at the box office this weekend with $41 million.CAROLINE: Having only seen the first Saw movie years ago, I really have no interest in seeing the seventh.RYAN: [laughs] I know these movies aren't your bag. But I've seen them all, so I figured I'll continue the tradition, especially since this one's in 3D. Plus it's apparently the last one. They're calling it "the final chapter."CAROLINE: I certainly hope so. Enough is enough already. It's not fun to watch people being tortured, and that's all I see in this trailer.RYAN: I also watched the reality show Scream Queens on MTV, so I'm looking forward to seeing the winner in this movie. That was the prize - a role in Saw 3D.CAROLINE: I hope you very much enjoy seeing it without me.RYAN: I probably won't love it, but I'm happy to see it for free. These movies are very gory, but I usually find a little something to enjoy. Check out the trailer here: Cheeky & Fresh Movie Reviews

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