Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Trailer Tuesdays!

RYAN: I feel like I've been seeing this trailer for a while and I think it looks good. Danny DeVito is the perfect choice to voice The Lorax.

CAROLINE: I rarely like a kids' movie but this actually looks like it might not suck.

RYAN: [laughs] You're so generous with your words.

CAROLINE: Well, Dr. Seuss is well-rounded entertainment. Doesn't mean I'm gonna see this movie though, lest you get any big ideas. I don't think I can listen to Taylor Swift's voice for that long.

RYAN: I like how colorful this looks and it should be fun for the whole fam. Here's the trailer:

CAROLINE: Next there's something new from the director of The Hangover, Todd Phillips. He produced this one though, didn't direct.

RYAN: Project X. I dunno. Clearly we're not the target audience for this one but if it's funny like Superbad or something, we could get jiggy with it.

CAROLINE: It looks a bit Girls Gone Wild meets American Pie though, doesn't it? I'm not impressed by the trailer at all. I suspect I'm way too old for this one.

RYAN: Yeah, it does appear out of control. Let's hope it appeals to a wider-than-high-school audience. Here's the trailer:


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