Sunday, April 1, 2012

Trailer Tuesdays!

CAROLINE: I'm excited for the new Jeni Ani movie, Wanderlust, and all the more so because it co-stars Paul Rudd!

RYAN: They are a terrific on-screen match. And you know she's just praying to have a movie open at #1. It's the only major release this weekend, so it has that potential.

CAROLINE: We shouldn't have too high hopes for this one since it's kind of a movie no man's land right now. We're at that time... the quiet before the storm of summer blockbusters.

RYAN: I love that season. I'm so excited for The Hunger Games!

CAROLINE: Oh honey, you have no idea. I've read all three of the books and now I'm dying for it! But as far as Wanderlust goes, I think it looks cute.

RYAN: I actually think the supporting cast looks as funny as the stars do.

CAROLINE: Totally. Lest we forget, this movie has Jen's real life beau, Justin Theroux, in it.

RYAN: And Malin Akerman. I like her too. Here's the funny trailer:

RYAN: Also new this weekend is a thriller starring Amanda Seyfried and Wes Bentley.

CAROLINE: I could be interested in seeing this but it's not screening for critics, which is not a good sign.

RYAN: Wes hasn't really done anything too noteworthy since American Beauty but I think he's good lookin' so I like him.

CAROLINE: I like Amanda.

RYAN: It looks like a really suspenseful movie but like you said, we have to lower expectations since it's not screening. Here's the trailer:

CAROLINE: There's also a new Tyler Perry this weekend but his movies never screen for critics.

RYAN: They're never very good either. I've seen many at courtesy screenings after opening and while they have moments and some decent casting, they usually just randomly blend genres and come across as melodramatic.

CAROLINE: Yeah I've never been a fan. Here's the trailer for his latest, Good Deeds:


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