Monday, April 2, 2012

Both a 'Child's Play' Sequel and Remake Are Being Developed Now?

Over a year ago now, with MGM back on the rise, it sounded like a remake of Child's Play might finally getting off the ground with Brad Dourif returning to voice everyone's favorite murderous little buddy Chucky. However, since then updates on the project have been stagnant. Well, Moviehole recently attended North Carolina's Mad Monster Party convention and Dourif was in attendance for a reunion preceding the forthcoming 25th anniversary of the horror favorite, and offered an update saying a remake is still in the works, but that a separate sequel in the franchise was also being developed at the same time. More below!

The remake seems to still be in the hands of Don Mancini, and it has been said to be darker and less comedic than the original franchise. Meanwhile, the sequel, which sounds like more of a spin-off, is said to involve Chucky's immediate family. Following Bride of ...


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