Friday, December 17, 2010

Trailer Tuesdays!

RYAN: It's a bit of a slow week at the movies with only one major release and several smaller films in limited release; but the limited release ones are biggies! I'm so beyond excited for Black Swan!CAROLINE: Me too. This is the new film from Darren Aronofsky and it has major Oscar buzz, in general and for its lead actress, Natalie Portman. I'm always skeptical though when she gets good reviews. She's just not that good an actress.RYAN: Say what you will about Natalie, I'm psyched for the buzz and I love this trailer! It's so good and scary. CAROLINE: I've actually only seen it once or twice and I try to avert my eyes every time it's on TV. I feel like it's one of those movies where the less you know about it the better. And some of the imagery is so freaky!RYAN: All I know is that Natalie Portman trained like a madwoman to look like a real ballerina for this role, and she looks gorge in the trailer. And you know I love a psychological thriller, so I really can't wait for this one.CAROLINE: I much prefer this genre to flat-out horror, so I'm psyched too. It's a big Oscar contender and hopefully will be as good as the buzz indicates. Check out the trailer here - it's so creepy: RYAN: Next up is a movie I've been waiting for for years, literally, I Love You Phillip Morris. It stars my favorite actor ever, Ewan McGregor, and has been kicking around Hollywood for two years now.CAROLINE: Yeah, this movie has had serious issues with distribution and constantly changing release dates. But it'll finally be out in limited release this Friday and it will very interesting to see the reaction. I think most people know it as the movie where Jim Carrey plays gay. And by the way, it has nothing to do with the tobacco company.RYAN: I'm just so thrilled to see Ewan play gay! The trailer worries me though; it's kinda random and weird.CAROLINE: Totally. It's so not what I expected. The whole genre of this movie isn't what I expected either. The trailer is so silly and almost kitschy. I was excited for this movie, but now I'm not so sure.RYAN: Well, you know I'll be first in line because of Ewan, but I might have to lower my expectations too. Watch the trailer here: CAROLINE: Finally, we have The Warrior's Way, which I've barely heard of and no one's talking about. It looks like a random kung fu movie until about halfway through when you see that Kate Bosworth and Geoffrey Rush are in it.RYAN: I don't think anyone even knows this movie is coming out; I don't think I've seen even one ad for it on TV. But the trailer is amazing! It's such a unique blend of genres - martial arts meets Western.CAROLINE: To me it looks like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon meets The Book of Eli, that Denzel movie from earlier this year. And I don't mean that as a compliment.RYAN: I will admit this is definitely more up my alley than yours. The colors are beautiful and the whole thing looks very Baz Luhrmann-esque. I wanna see it!!CAROLINE: You might have to see it without me. I'm not really feeling this one.RYAN: I'm all about it, and if it doesn't screen for critics, I'll pay mine own money to see it. Check out the trailer here: Cheeky & Fresh Movie Reviews

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