Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Box Office Results

1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 ($50.3 million)2. Tangled ($49.1 million)3. Megamind ($12.9 million)4. Burlesque ($11.8 million)5. Unstoppable ($11.7 million)6. Love & Other Drugs ($9.8 million)7. Faster ($8.7 million)8. Due Date ($7.3 million)9. The Next Three Days ($4.8 million)10. Morning Glory ($4 million) RYAN: My favorite movie and lit hero is still #1 this weekend!CAROLINE: Not to anyone's surprise and only by a hair, Tangled is just on the heels of Harry Potter.RYAN: Worldwide, this new HP has already made over $600 million and I love it.CAROLINE: Tangled has made just about $70 mil since opening on Wednesday. It's always a bigger take for these holiday weekends. And clearly families are going out in droves to the movies. RYAN: I'm super excited that Burlesque even blipped. It even beat out Hollywood heavyweights Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal's new movie.CAROLINE: That is quite the surprise for sure. Though I thought you'd be bummed that Burlesque didn't do better. RYAN: And although there was a lot of cizash made at the B.O. this weekend, it's still less than last year's take when Twilight: New Moon and The Blind Side were all the rage.CAROLINE: I guess Burlesque did really do well for a musical, considering last year's offering, Nine, opened only with $5 million and made a mere $20 mill in total.RYAN: I'm sure Burlesque will make at least that much. And it's a much more fun movie anyway.CAROLINE: And the anticipation for the last Harry Potter in July is sure to make that movie even bigger than Part 1. RYAN: Honey, if I could pre-order tickets now, I would!Cheeky & Fresh Movie Reviews

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